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How to Reach Switzerland

How TO Reach SwitzerlandSwitzerland is eminently accessible through a network of rail, air and road links. Zurich and Geneva have world-class airports that are connected by regular flights to major European capitals and the US. Bern, Basel and Lugano also have international airports.

If you wish to travel to Switzerland by rail, you need to get rail passes issued to you. Switzerland is well connected by rail to neighboring Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Enjoy your scenic rail journey over the Alps, and take in the many wonderful sights as you approach the country.

If you wish to journey to Switzerland by road, then traveling by bus is recommended. Bus travel is cheaper than traveling by train, though perhaps not as comfortable. The smooth highways make traveling by road in Switzerland a pleasant experience.

Another way to reach Switzerland is by a boat cruise along the Rhine River from Amsterdam, Holland. Ferries from Germany, Italy and France also connect to Switzerland via the lakes Constance, Maggiore and Geneva.

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