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Basic Information on Switzerland

Basic InformationSwitzerland, the land of the Alps and the famed Swiss chocolates, offers you many wonderful ways to enjoy your vacation. For your convenience, Switzerland Hub offers you basic information on Switzerland and Switzerland facts to help you get acquainted with this beautiful country.

Official Name: Switzerland is officially known as "Confoederitio Helvetica", after the Helveticas people from whom the Swiss are descended.

Flag: The Swiss Flag is a white cross on a red background, and represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Capital: The capital, Bern, is located in the Bern district.

Political System: The country has 23 cantons, 3 of them divided into sub cantons. Switzerland is a parliamentary democracy like most Western European nations. The government is federal republic.

Currency: Swiss Franc (1 Swiss Franc is equivalent to US $1.25).

Population: 7,523,934.

Language: German, French and Italian are the official languages.

Switzerland is a peaceful and industrialized nation with no disputes with any other nation. For more information on Switzerland, please see the links:

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