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LucerneLucerne, like all cities of Switzerland, has a distinct flavor of its own. Described as "a pearl in the world's most beautiful oyster" by the 19th century author Alexandre Dumas, Lucerne is a must visit for those who love old monuments, palaces and mansions, for Lucerne is full of them.

Situated on the shores of the Lake Lucerne, the city has enchanted poets, playwrights and composers from time immemorial. Lucerne, Switzerland, is also one of the oldest cities in Europe, established as it was in the 10th century. Lucerne delights lovers of Medieval and Baroque arts, since the city was shaped under the turbulent influence of the Renaissance.

The Mill Bridge and the Chapel Bridge are two of the major landmarks of this historic city. These two wooden bridges lend an old world charm to the city, and almost have you anticipating horse drawn carriages moving majestically over the paved roads.

The Old Town Hall was built in the Middle Ages, and has detailed Renaissance frescoes and sculptures. The Lion Monument depicts soldiers of the Medieval Era. The Glacier Garden is also a must visit for those interested in natural history.

The Mount Titlis and Mount Pilatus lend a picture postcard backdrop to this great city. The Lake Lucerne paddle steamer is a great way to explore the blue marvels of the lake, and photograph the majestic mountains.

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