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Lusanne (Lausanne)

LausanneLusanne (Lausanne) is the city of culture, arts and festivals. This is one of the more eclectic cities in Switzerland, pulsating with life and dancing to the rhythm of a dozen different dance and music festivals that are held here at any given time. Photography, movies, modern art- Lusanne (Lausanne) has them all.

Explore the museums and theaters of Lusanne (Lausanne), the greatest testament to the culture and vibrancy of the city. The Opera Theater Dance performances are among the biggest cultural draws of this city. The city is also famous for its music festivals and cinema festivals.

Lusanne (Lausanne) is also the city of museums. The Lausonna Museum houses artifacts belonging to the Roman period, while the Mudac Museum offers you a glimpse into the medieval splendor of the city. The Museum of Design displays contemporary artworks.

Lusanne (Lausanne) also has many shopping districts where you will find designer boutiques and humble bakeries standing side by side. The Lake Geneva also offers visitors a chance to go on a leisurely boat cruise. Other Lusanne (Lausanne) tourist attractions are the vineyards, warmed to a ripe lushness by the almost Mediterranean brightness of the sun.

The Palais De Beaulieu is also a fascinating sightseeing destination, offering tourists a glimpse into the medieval period of this city.

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