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Hotels in Locarno

Hotels in LocarnoSituated on the banks of the Maggia River, Locarno is famous all over the world for its annual film festival (see Switzerland Fairs and Events). The Locarno Film Festival is where celebrities mingle with the hoi polloi, where fame (and fortune) is made, where unknown and talented film makers, actors and photographers have found sudden fame as the festival recognized their merit and gave out awards.

But the film festival is not the only reason to visit Locarno. Locarno's natural beauty is the kind you see in promotional brochures and picture postcards- azure skies, the shimmering Lake Maggiore, and small fleecy white clouds that float in their blue home.

Visit the Piazza Grande, the heart of Locarno. From restaurants and bars to shops and stores, the Piazza Grande is a hive of activity guaranteed to enthrall, and daze, the first time visitor.

The hotels in Locarno are past masters at taking care of their guests. After all, they have been doing it for decades, ever since droves of tourists started descending on the city in time for the Locarno Festival. From the Dell' Angelo Hotel to the Muralto Hotel, the hotels in Locarno offer visitors a range of choice when it comes to hotel category, price and facilities. The Locarno Hotels have an Italian influence that is actually a trait of the city itself. Steeped in old customs and traditions, the hotels in Locarno nonetheless offer you a stay that is made comfortable by the latest facilities and technology.

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