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Switzerland Fairs and Events

Switzerland Fairs and EventsSwitzerland is a country that accommodates many contrasts and contradictions. This peaceful land of idyllic resorts, Alpine forests, shimmering lakes and yodeling goatherds, also hosts some of the biggest trade fairs, events, film and art festivals and cultural festivals of the world. Switzerland Hub profiles some of the Switzerland Fairs and Events.

Locarno International Film Festival

Date: 2-12 August,2006.
Venue: Locarno

Possibly the best known of the Switzerland fair and events, the Locarno International Film Festival is attended by film stars and their fans alike. The masses rub shoulders with some of the most glamorous film personalities, and movies once appreciated at the Locarno festival go on to win fame and acclaim around the world.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Date: 30 June- July 15, 2006
Venue: Montreux

The first Montreux Jazz Festival was held in 1967. The festival features gigs by upcoming artistes, as well as performances by well-known jazz exponents. The Montreux Jazz Festival adds charm to the cosmopolitan landscape of Montreux, and attracts jazz lovers and tourists from across the world.

Zurich Festival

Date: 16 June- 9 July, 2006.
Venue: Zurich, Switzerland.

One of the premier art festivals in the world, the Zurich festival is renowned for its art exhibitions and workshops. The entire city becomes an art gallery, and features luminaries from the world of dance, theater and drama.

Art Basel

Date: 14 June- 19 June, 2006.
Venue: Basel, Switzerland

The Art Basel is held in the Basel Fairground. This annual art exhibition showcases works of artistes from over 30 countries, and art galleries from across the world display their commissioned pieces here. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, photographs and videos are exhibited at this major Switzerland festival.

Switzerland Fairs and Events Basler Ferienmesse - Tourism and Holiday Fair

Date: February, 2007.
Venue: Basel Fairground, Basel, Switzerland

One of the most visited Switzerland fairs and festivals, the Basler Ferienmesse Tourism and Holiday Fair is open to the general public. The fair showcases the beauty of Switzerland, and promotes tourism in Switzerland and other countries.

Vacances, Sports and Loisirs

Date: February 2007.
Venue: Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland

One of the tourism world's biggest events, this Switzerland festival draws crowds even on weekdays. This is one of the most family friendly of the Switzerland fairs and festivals, and children love the sports equipments and leisure options on display.

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